Carroll’s Tours Ireland believe that responsible tourism is essential for the sustainable development of tourism in Ireland, and we are committed to promoting the principles below, in all aspects of our operations.

We are committed to practices that support the local communities, preserve cultural heritage, and minimise negative impacts on the environment. We will achieve this through:

Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by promoting sustainable practices such as energy conservation, water conservation, and reducing waste. We will work with our suppliers and partners to promote their reduction of their environmental impact also.

Community Development: We will support local communities by partnering with local suppliers and service providers, promoting cultural exchange, and providing opportunities for economic development through tourism. We will also support local charities and community projects.

Cultural Preservation: We recognise the importance of preserving Ireland’s cultural heritage and will promote cultural exchange by providing our customers with authentic experiences that respect local customs and traditions. We will also support local artists and cultural initiatives.

Wildlife Conservation: We will support wildlife conservation efforts in Ireland by promoting responsible wildlife viewing practices, avoiding activities that harm wildlife, and educating our customers about local wildlife and conservation efforts.

Responsible Marketing: We will promote responsible tourism by accurately representing our products and services, avoiding misleading or deceptive marketing practices, and promoting responsible travel behaviour to our clients.

We undertake to appoint a person within our organisation with full responsibility for all ‘Green’ issues, and we will endeavour to have all staff trained in responsible tourism with a view to accreditation.

We will work with our customers to advise them how to be responsible during their visit and we will consult with our suppliers to urge them to adopt responsible methods of operations.

We will embark on a carbon off-set programme partnership with our Trade Organisation the Incoming Tours Operator’s Association.

This policy was last updated May 2023.